Moulinage Passementerie du Trève

The story begins in 1926 when my great grand father built a factoy of throwing on the edge of the river “Semène” in St Victor Malescours.

At this time, the spinnings used only hydropower and worked so essentially natural silk.

My grand father took over the business in 1960 Mon grand père a repris l’activité en 1960 and has diversified to other craps and yarns (cotton, fiber, viscose).

In 1969, my parents resumed the sprinning Lardon in Riotord, in 1977, bought back the family factory in Moulin Cheval to continue the activity with additionnal cords for trimmings.

In 1985, they bought a trimming work shop included some crochet machines, allowing them to evolve the business to the manufacture of braids, fringes, tricotive, cortains tiebacks and stringedramps.

Then the work shop bacame too small and in 1990, the current plant is built that i subsequently resumed by creating the compagny MPT in 2009.